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Measuring A Roof

A detailed architectural drawing is not necessary but if you have one, that’s great. Your drawing does not have to be to scale.

Here are examples of two of the most common roof styles: The hip style roof and the gable style roof.

You will receive an accurate panel cut list. We use proprietary software to arrive at a detailed quote which includes all cuts (assuming the quote is for vertical panel roofing), panel layout, trim pieces, screws, hardware, vents, underlayment… everything required for the project…provided we have accurate information.

Step 1:  Roughly draw out the roof on a piece of paper. It should contain all the straight lines of the roof and an accurate measurement of all those lines. If there are pipes, vents or a chimney – draw them in as well with accurate measurements of each.

Here are two examples of what your drawing should look like

Step 2: Determine total square footage of the roof. Easily done by multiplying the total length x total width

Step 3: Determine the roof pitch or the slope of the roof.  Click here for instructions on determining pitch

Step 4: Fill out the simple questionnaire form. Click Here For The Form 

Step 5: Attach the drawing with measurements to the simple questionnaire form and click the send button.